Yelp Doctor Review Pitfalls: we should not base important medical decisions on the random thoughts and feelings of untrained people reviewing healthcare providers

The way my sister was treated by her obstetrician before her second son was born, was so horrendous that if we tell the story out loud, it is not even believable

The tl;dr is that my sister initially wanted to do a vbac. But as she got closer to her due date, she changed her mind. This doctor shamed her for it, and even called her a bad mother and a bad friend (I witnessed this). “You will never be a good mother, you will never be a good friend…” I remember how she said it. She told her that she is setting a terrible example for her family, and various other atrocious things

Imagine if you read a review that stated all of the above… wouldn’t you think it was fake?

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