The bacterium Helicobacter pylori is linked to increased risk of stomach cancer, and is genetically highly variable. A new study explores the role played by this diversity in the early phase of infection in adult humans

It also is a major cause of acid reflux, canker sores, and stomach ulcers. Not to mention stinky breath. It’s called the kissing disease… so if you’re kissing someone with stinky breath, maybe it stinks for a variety of reasons, but there’s a decent chance they have an h. pylori infection if it isn’t tonsil stones or bad hygiene.

I caught h. pylori once as a late teen, and what do you know? I got acid reflux and canker sores. The doctor at the time only prescribed proton pump inhibitors… thankfully within a year I ended up needing to take a Z-Pack and that somehow took care of the infection, normally you need a triple round of antibiotics.

Thankfully these days more doctors will test for h. pylori instead of taking the pharma route of proton pump inhibitors.

It’s funny because the guy that found the link won a freaking nobel prize for it in the 1980’s, but at the time the medical community thought he was full of shit, until he took the cultures HIMSELF and proved his theory. Even though he won that nobel prize, it still took two plus decades for more of the medical community to actually test for it even though it’s fairly prevalent.

Ignorance and pharma lobbying probably caused a lot of heart attacks from those shitty proton pump inhibitors.

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