Pelosi rules out liability protections for employers of “essential workers”

My business is essential and we clean our facility top to bottom twice a day, and require face masks the entire time at work…all to protect our employees. So if an employee gets COVID outside of the workplace and then comes to work and gets everyone sick, you want that employee to be able to sue me and my business that I’ve worked my ass off to make successful?! Bc that’s exactly what will happen. There will be no proof it came from inside or outside the company.

Liability protection exists for a reason and it’s not to hurt the employees, It’s to save companies from money hungry scammers, which there are unfortunately a lot of, especially during hard times like these. I will not and have not forced anyone to come back to work, and obvs do not want to lose them, but if I don’t make money, I go out of business. So I’m sorry, but I’ll give that job to someone else who wants/needs it.

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