New coronavirus strain found in swine could jump to humans, says US study

-.- Yes, this is how virus’s happen. They originate in animals, and they rarely make a jump, extremely rarely. They have to meet a few checkpoints in evolution first… They first need to be able to survive inside of humans. It needs to not be so deadly that it instantly kills the host. It needs to find a way to properly transmit between humans. It also needs to be able to reproduce inside of humans. Its incredibly rare for this to happen…

FUN FACT! Europe was far more advanced then the rest of the world [specifically Africa and Americas] because they had animals that you could make into farm animals. Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Horses, etc. You weren’t going to domestic Lions, Tigers, Bears, Deers, Buffalo’s, Zebras, etc. This had 2 major effects, smaller farms, so Europe was building major cities, while in Africa and America you had tribes, building major cities was incredibly rare and difficult. Secondly, living with animals in a close proximity, with poor sewage/plumming, and tons of people drastically increased the chances of virus’s like these mutating and infecting the people. And so Europe had a plague and many virus’s, [Africa had its own virus’s + europes virus’s probably due to trading they did, but Europeans couldnt really go to Africa until the mid to late 1800s because of yellow fever, it’d be like Native Americans invading Europe, there just wasn’t any chance]. But When Europe went to America, all of the Virus’s went with them, and this is why there was no “american plague” that killed Europeans, only the European plagues that killed Americans.

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