Mushroom Secrets, The Healing Power Of Reishi. Are Reishi mushrooms really this good for you?

An anti-blocker that also can also clean oil spills. Mushrooms are very underutilized. Pair that with a 7 day fast. It’s like an oven cleaner for humans. It has more of a percent for killing cancer then chemotherapy. Last reboot your system with all vegetables. NO meat clean your blood 🩸Take B12 and check iron levels. Beans twice a week can reducing colon cancer up to 60%. Careful with eggs and dairy. The top physicians are already talking about this. It’s time that we start to implement. Plastics are in the water, the soil an now the animals. If we’re going to rebuild this world. Let’s stop funding the businesses that are poisoning us. Sorry to rant. Google this shit for yourself. IM NOOOO DOC. Medicine man maybe

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