In Texas, 2 Big Problems Collide: Uninsured People And An Uncontrolled Pandemic

Uninsured people do generate tax revenue via part time jobs and temporary jobs. I don’t know about where you live, but in the few places I’ve lived part time work and temp work are in high demand because they don’t need to provide insurance. Employees in these jobs aren’t deemed important enough by our government to be protected and businesses take advantage of this. It is a flaw in the legal system.

Also, it is generally that these people choose not to contribute as much because capitalism is bad, pollution is bad, they are lazy, they do drugs or no one wants to cover their healthcare or whatever. These people without insurance would be more likely to get a full time job if capitalism wasn’t a succubus, the businesses didn’t pollute a lot, they actually enjoyed working, they quit doing drugs, or whatever. A law could get passed requiring everyone who gets a w2 to be insured by their employer, because Obamacare certainly has not helped the 8.5% or so who are being taken advantage of. In fact, Obamacare has made the problem worse.,calling%20for%20more%20government%20through%20Medicare%20for%20all.

Part time workers make up about 18% of the US worker. This leaves about 10% below the line for free healthcare.

Taking advantage of the lower class has always been the case. Slavery took the lives of about 15.9% of Americans.

Reduced employee expenses on the back of those unwilling to contribute to corporate greed seems like a great idea to those in charge and it, and to those who think the uninsured would make their rates skyrocket.

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