Face masks could be giving people Covid-19 immunity, researchers suggest

Protection perhaps, but not immunity. Masks cannot give you immunity. We only use them to protect ourselves from the virus that might be passed on by the people around us. Once they’re off, we’re now susceptible to the disease. But masks do great help to people too, and can aid in protecting ourselves and other people around us. As uncomfortable as it may seem, masks are important. Even though it is suffocating to wear, it is still way better than a tube shoved in our bodies. Besides, there are different kinds of masks to choose from. Some prefer the N95 masks that give you strong protection. Other prefer reusable masks made from breathable fabric, with its likes being sold everywhere and online. Stores like etsy, Old Navy, puraka masks, and others can provide it. Others prefer the disposable ones. In conclusion, while masks don’t give immunity, it helps control and prevent the spread of disease, which is why it is important to wear it.

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