COVID-19 Fallout: Tons of Trash

Milli Martinez, recycling advocate, North Hollywood, CA.

Donna Drummond, senior vice president and chief expense officer, Northwell Health.

Anne Germain, chief operating officer and senior vice president of regulatory affairs, National Waste and Recycling Association.

Selin Hoboy, vice president of government affairs and compliance, Stericycle.

Ira Nash, MD, senior vice president and executive director, Northwell Health Physician Partners.

John Hocevar, marine biologist and oceans campaign director, Greenpeace USA.

News release, World Health Organization: “Shortage of personal protective equipment endangering health workers worldwide.”

Aaron Glatt, MD, chief of infectious diseases and hospital epidemiologist, Mount Sinai South Nassau, Oceanside, NY.

Arman Zeytounyan, vice president and chief marketing officer, BioWaste Inc., Burbank, CA.

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