CDC’s ensemble forecast now projects more than 173,000 US coronavirus deaths by August 22

Well, a hot tip from my conservative parents is that we lose even more Americans to abortion, every year… so if you’re wondering how these people will excuse themselves from feeling any personal accountability, that seems to be the new plan. They will reiterate that they were the real “saviors of life” all along, in order to save their new image as the party that killed a quarter million Americans out of neglect.

By the way, Mike Pence just restated that there is a Right to Life in America the other day, so this probably isn’t just my parent’s. They heard it from their right wing media, and that means we should probably brace for the GOP to use this COVID failure as the catalyst for yet another onslaught on reproductive rights. It would be the dumbest move ever, but they will probably still pull it… because that’s just what they do.

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