CDC says 9 million Americans now vaccinated as U.S. states scramble

So, ~25 million confirmed peope infected, assume that it 50% lower than actual based on asymptomatic and people who just weren’t tested.

So thats 50,000,000 ‘immune’ right there. Lets for sake of easy math say 250,000 cases a day (thats 250,000 ‘immune’ daily), and 1.25 million vaccinations a day – so 1.5 million people a day ‘immune’ (either from infection or vaccine.)

So that is 1 month from 100,000,000 (or so) immune, nearly 30% of population – with a little increase in pace (which is expected), we’re like 60 days from 50% population immunity – the virus HAS to begin to slow at that point? right?

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